Monday, August 15, 2016


I actually did excises today!!  I went camping for like a week!  ... I know it doesn't make sense a lot. I am just writing some sentences, oh but I actually went camping, and I spend time there without taking a shower... I know... I still can't believe that I actually didn't take a shower... well I did it for sure.  I'll talk about camping later !! lool (I am really sleepy right now.)

✨ Day 8 ✨

I did 20 jumping jacks!!  I really love doing jumping jacks!! Although, I felt so much fat of my body... I was so heavy to jump...

Also those videos

I really liked the first video which was like dancing excises!! Other videos were also good!! I liked them :)

No picture for today... I'm sorry... I'm just lazy... I guess .... because I just took a shower, and u know....???

ahhhhh... maybe I should...

Just give me a moment.

Can't believe.. I just did it!!! (Sorry for the messy background behind the chair.)

Okay... time to go to bed.

Good night :)  Thank you for reading :))

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Talking about Volunteering

I don't need to do anything today for the challenging because today is for rest!!! so I decided to talk about the volunteering :) Well I think I talked about the set-up day... so let's talk about the first festival day!! So.... I went the place super early morning because i wanted to help set-up for the festival. It's a really big festival, so they need a whole day and 2 hours to set-up!! XD Yea that morning, I also carried the heavy tables.... actually I couldn't feel anything after I carried more than 10 tables... like no pain... so weird. BUT I could feel how tired I was. Anyways, people came to the festival finally, and my friend and I had fun in the festival too! Actually, she could go home after she helped set-up in the morning, but I had another shift around 2 o'clock, so she was so nice to stay with me :))))  We tried so many different kinds of chocolate!!!!! They had like milk tea, mango, green tea, yuzu, coffee, and more kinds!! THEY WERE SOOO GOOD!! Also, the sampling different kinds of chocolate was free.. so that was also nice! XD We actually had food. We had Yakisoba for lunch. Yakisoba is like fried noodles.. It's my favorite, and I tried to make one in Canada, but I failed as always. lool  After we had yakisoba for lunch, we just look around and she got cute earrings!! I wish I had holes for earrings... I didn't buy anything.. I was looking for birthday present for my boyfriend... I couldn't find any tho :(  We also saw a taiko show!! Taiko is Japanese drum! They were so good, and actually the sounds of taiko made me kind of homesick... you know? I actually miss my family and friends in Japan :) After we saw the taiko show, the time was kind of 2 o'clock, so I had to say good bye to my friend :) Now, actually I'm gonna talk about volunteering lool well I helped in the children's tent which means that I helped kids to create something, or just watching kids for safety... I actually did good job! (I shouldn't say it for my self lool ) I could talk to their parents, and they kind of asked me why I came to Vancouver and stuff... Mostly Japanese people tho! THE KIDS ARE SOOOO CUTE and VERY NICE TO ME.  Some kids are like mix of Japanese and other country, so they could speak more than two languages and stuff... I was like... I wish I could speak like at least three languages before I went to school. lool My mom told me that I was actually learning English before I went to a kindergarten... but I wasn't good at it or I had to move? lool I have to ask my mom again lool   Anyways, I really liked the volunteering in the children's tent!  .... I think that's it for day 1! Okay, I will talk about day 2 someday :)) Thank you for reading!! I am going to eat dinner soon! (I hope :p )